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The Powell and Barns Group organise Nottinghamshire Youth Violence and Gangs Conference

The Powell and Barns Group has been sponsored by the Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner to deliver The Nottinghamshire Community Solutions Conference in June 2019. The conference takes place at the Motorpoint Arena, Friday 21st June and is aimed at parents and carers of young people at risk of, or on the periphery of knife crime or gang activity.

Nottingham's gang and knife crime issue

Nottingham like many other cities has suffered from the effects of youth violence, specifically knife crime and gang activity. The city is starting to see an improvement in knife crime figures and the Police and Crime Commissioner is keen to continue the fight to end violence amongst young people.

The conference provides an opportunity for parents, carers and people from the most affected communities to engage with experts and senior representatives from the police, Youth Justice, Public Health and other statutory organisations, and explore issues and solutions relating to youth violence (specifically knife crime) and gang culture.

Key topics for the conference include: exploring the underlying issues, the use of social media in relation to gang activity / violence, and hearing the voices of people from black and minority ethnic communities.

Two panels, two workshops, live social stream
Join the event and have your say live on social media.

How to join the event on social media

The conference panels will be live streamed on a dedicated social media page to allow wider participation. Simply sign up to the Facebook page @nottscommunitysolutions to get updates and a 'live alert' on the day. You will be able to hear the discussion and ask questions to the panel.

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