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Powell and Barns Group announces partnership with Luther Marketing

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

The Powell and Barns Group are pleased to announce our new partnership with Luther Marketing based in Walsall UK. The partnership is a great boost for us and allows us to engage more decision makers keen to improve or deliver their cultural diversity and inclusion strategy.

Luther Marketing is managed by founder Michael Melhado and provides direct marketing services to SME's (Small - Medium Enterprises) across the UK. The company supports business owners to generate quality leads and data.

Consultation & Research

Luther Marketing will be a lead partner for Powell and Barns events including; The BJAM Awards and The BAME Trade & Information Exchange 2020.

Marceline Powell, Founder of the Powell and Barns Group said:

"This partnership is extremely exciting. It provides an example of BAME businesses gaining strength through joint working. Our relationship with Luther Marketing is mutually beneficial and not only helps other small businesses to grow, but through our shared values, we'll create new marketing roles and other media opportunities for people from underrepresented communities".

Key Diary Dates:

Luther Marketing will take over our direct marketing from September 2019. The team will be working on the BJAM Awards and can be contacted to discuss sponsorship opportunities and table bookings.

BJAM Table Bookings open

November 2019.


Tel: 0203 774 1262

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