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Supporting BAME Professionals & entrepreneurs

The Powell and Barns group set up the Black British Institute, a private Facebook group in October 2018. The group currently has 877 members representing a diverse mix of business owners, professionals, academics, media professionals, educators, and organisation managers from across the UK. We are excited to launch this as an independent online patform and bi - annual publication later this year.

Founder and Director, Marceline Powell said:

“It’s time we all started to take notice of the significant changes in what we call the ‘Black British community’, the community has changed significantly over the last twenty years. We have hugely diverse experiences, cultural identities and beliefs. The African population in Britain has grown considerably and brings its own diverse cultures from across the continent. The British born Black community has changed with a second and third generation who have their own unique take on culture and identity, and a fast - growing number of people who identify as dual heritage. We recognise a need for readdressing the balance across all fields and offer a direct channel for two - way communications and understanding.

The BBI will be launched mid November and offers webinars, training, business support, and collective community development through networking and partnerships. It also provides an opportunity for national organisations and agencies to connect with business owners and community leaders across the UK.

BBI will also host online and offline events such as Black business week, which is just the start of a new, inclusive movement to improve the visibilty of black businesses across the UK.

#blackbusinessweek is an annual multi-media campaign that works in partnership with service providers, media, professional services and business experts to connect African, Caribbean and Multi – Ethnic communities to resources, advice and information.

In addition, start up’s and small businesses can promote offers and deals to attract customers and improve their bottom line.

“If we can start to improve and build a framework of support for black businesses, we can eventually improve access to opportunities in some of the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods where many 'physical' black owned businesses operate. In addition, black business week is an opportunity to inspire people by providing case studies and examples of success”. Added Ms Powell.

The hashtag #blackbusinessweek and #tagablackbusiness are shared on social media throughout the week. We produce a special issue magazine with local, regional, national and international stories, articles, case studies and opinion. We would like to partner with radio and press to cover topical discussions and debates. We promote a range of local and national offers to consumers across the country with targeted multi-media campaigns. Black Business Week takes place 1st-8th December.

Contact us to get involved, book a promotion or partner with us.


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