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Why Marketing Matters!

When you plan your business make sure you always work in a marketing budget. Too many businesses struggle because they spend all of their start up budget (no matter how small or large) on creating the business and do not think about how they will tell the world they exist.

Think about it! even the biggest brands on the planet like Amazon or Ebay still market to you regardless of how big their market share is. They want to make sure they are the first brand that comes to mind when you're ready to shop. You don't get any whiff of 'We don't need marketing because we rely on word of mouth' - but they could if they wanted to. So clearly, it is a choice to continue marketing and ensure the loyalty of their customers.

We have witnessed the demise of several big brand names, and most of them had in common a lack of online presence. They relied on 'being known' but were not prepared for a lockdoen that cruelly snatched away their footfall. Or the fall of the high street that came just before the pandemic. Without online access to their goods and services, those businesses died an avoidable death.

Having an online presence, including a clean easy to navigate website, good social media presence and a strategic digital marketing strategy, will make all the difference to promoting your business and engaging your prosepctive audience or customer.

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