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The conference that brought communities together to find solutions to knife crime

IN THE PRESS: Read Nottingham Post Article here

The work we have done over the last two years with the Nottinghamshire OPCC's Violence Reduction Unit, has been very close to our founder's heart. Our campaigns and events are produced with community at their heart. We collaborate with local people, organisations and key agencies to ensure our messaging is targeted effectively. It has been an honour to play such an important role in tackling social issues with honest, engaging campaigns and events which have resonated with the right audiences including young people and families and we are proud that our work is yielding ongoing results.

Bus Stop Campaign produced by Powell and Barns Group

"There is a real sense of fear especially in communities. Knife crime has become its own ugly monster that we are struggling to control.

"We are all saying the same thing - how did it get this out of hand? Something has gone wrong before they [young people] even pick up the knife."

Marceline Powell (Campaign director).

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