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Special Guest Panel Announced for Nottinghamshire Community Solutions Conference - 21st June 2019

The Powell and Barns Group are working closely with the office of the Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Paddy Tipping, to deliver an interactive event to engage parents, carers and concerned members of the Nottinghamshire community.

The Nottinghamshire Community Solutions Conference has been commissioned by the Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner to address the issues of weapon enabled violence (specifically knife crime) and gang activity.

Knife crime is widely considered an epidemic across Britain and Nottinghamshire is no exception, where youth violence and knife crime present a big problem across the city and county. In October 2018 the Office for National Statistics reported that Nottinghamshire had seen a significant rise in knife crime, with 861 incidents involving a knife or a sharp instrument, compared to 763 incidents the previous year. The 2018 figures were the highest since published figures began in 2011.

Two Panels and Two Workshops

The conference will include two panels and two workshops. A panel of senior representatives from the police and key statutory services includes:

Nottinghamshire Police & Crime Commissioner, Paddy Tipping

The Chief Constable and The Superintendent - Nottinghamshire Police

Heads of Youth Justice Services (City and County)

Regional Manager for Reducing Offending partnership (RRP)

Representatives from Red Thread (Knife Crime Trauma Team QMC)

Key delegates include:

Crown Prosecution Service

Head of children’s strategy (City)

Chair of Nottinghamshire Black Police Association

Head of Access to Learning (City)

Coordinator for Schools Health Hub (County)

Conference details:

Date: 21st June 2019

Venue: Motorpoint Arena, Bolero Square. Nottingham.

Time: 9.30 am - 2.45 pm

Networking: 2.45 pm - 5 pm

This event is free to attend, lunch and refreshments are provided and the venue has suitable wheelchair access.

Attendance at this event is by registration only.

Parts of this event will be streamed live online on the Facebook page: @nottscommunitysolutions

Click here to download the Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner's knife crime strategy 2018.

Visit the Nottinghamshire Police knife crime page for information and support relating to knife crime in Nottinghamshire.

Watch the conference video preview:

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