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Proud to support young media talent Carnell Thompson

A young actor who featured in a BBC show directed by an Oscar-winning director has been given an award by Nottinghamshire Police.

At just 14 years old, Carnell Thompson has already racked up a star-studded CV, having appeared in the BBC’s Small Axe and music videos for Hak Baker, Cbiz and Headie One.

He even met Oscar winner Steve McQueen while filming Small Axe – the TV drama based on the real-life experiences of London's West Indian community, which is set between 1969 and 1982.

The award was presented to him by Marceline Powell who owns Powell and Barns Group. As part of his prize, he won a £100 gift card as well as a 4k-resolution camcorder.

“Carnell is a real inspiration to all young people. He has risen above some difficult challenges to be incredibly successful from a such a young age".

Despite his success, Carnell’s feet have remained firmly on the ground, having overcome a difficult period after being permanently excluded from his primary school.

A budding musician and aspiring professional actor, he is working hard to ensure that he is on the right path to success.

Now, his talents have been recognised by Nottinghamshire Police as part of the force’s Live Our Best Lives Awards.

Carnell was nominated by his mum and selected to scoop the prize by a panel including Keiren Thompson, Helping Kids Achieve founder and BBC Sports Personality of the Year Unsung Hero Award winner.

Keiren said: “The award was very well deserved because of the journey Carnell had gone through from being a troubled kid to a smart young man.

“We could see his growth in the videos provided - being in multiple short films and a Cbiz music which millions of people have seen.

“Therefore, we came to the conclusion he would suit it best and hopefully this award takes him places.”

He was given the award at a surprise ceremony at a set in Long Eaton while he was taking part in a photoshoot.

His mum, Loretta, said how proud she was of her son for keeping his focus and pursuing his dream.

She said: “Carnell is a very talented young boy. He started his acting journey in 2018 and has gone on to feature in some amazing things such as Small Axe directed by Steve McQueen and even met him in person.

“Carnell is currently shortlisted to appear in a BBC drama with a well-known comedian. He is often shocked when people come up to him in the street and know his name or say they have seen him on TV.

“That being said, Carnell is very humble having been brought up in the entertainment industry with both parents both owning their own company within the industry.

“Carnell has managed to remain focused and away from the peer pressures some young people his age face in the community.”

Loretta also explained some of the challenges he has overcome. She explained: “Carnell has faced some challenges during his early school years being permanently excluded from his primary school.

“But he has managed to turn his behaviour around and go on to do some great thing such as featuring in the ESPO education catalogue which are given out at all schools.

“I am so proud of him and everything he has achieved so far.”

Youth outreach worker Romel Davis, of Nottinghamshire Police, created the Live Our Best Lives Awards as part of the force’s Stephen Lawrence Day celebrations.

The awards aim to recognise the talents and achievements of young people across Nottinghamshire.

The Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation is supportive of the awards and Stephen’s brother, Stuart Lawrence encouraged people in Nottingham to nominate their friends and family.

Stephen Lawrence was murdered on 22 April 1993 and following a public inquiry into the handling of the investigation, the Macpherson Report accused the Metropolitan Police of institutional racism in 1999, leading to police forces across the country making changes to their practices.

The launch of the awards formed part of the force’s celebration of Stephen Lawrence Day on 22 April, with six categories open for prospective nominees.

The categories included:

· The Lyrico Steede Award

· Rising Above Adversity Award

· Young Leader of the Year Award

· Young Performer of the Year Award

· Bringing People together

· Young Inspiration.

Romel said: “Carnell is a real inspiration to all young people. He has risen above some difficult challenges to be incredibly successful from a such a young age.

“Having already featured in some big projects, he is sure to be one to watch for the future and I hope he goes far.

“It’s wonderful to see someone flourish and recognise their potential and we wish him all the best for the future.”

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