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Powell and Barns Group Commissioned by Violence Reduction Unit for 2021

Powell and Barns Group is delighted to continue working with Notts Violence Reduction Unit to created and manage a powerful social media and bus stop campaign tackling youth violence and exploitation.

The campaign has been running since March 2020 and reached over 140,000 people. We carefully targeted this campaign to ensure that we delivered a powerful and engaging message to the young people who need it most but are often hardest to meaningfully engage.

We found that the power of language was central to this campaign so that it would connect fully with the target age group and also resonate with a wider audience of family and community.

Nine powerful videos with rich creative visuals and hard hitting real stories were at the heart of the 2020 campaign. This was followed by a relevant set of videos that focused on young people in the lockdown and how they may be further affected by violence and / or exploitation. The challenge was to produce a set of infomercial videos safely during lockdown and maintain the powerful messaging. A challenge we overcame by directing and producing the campaign remotely online.

The hashtagng website, created by Powell and Barns Group as a resource for the campaign has had tremendous engagement and continues to attract young people and families seeking help and advice.

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New hashtagng campaign coming soon.

Visit the website here.

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