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Diversity Culture and Marketing: Understanding identity in Public Relations

What is Cultural Marketing?

Cultural marketing is a specialist field of targeting and engagement where a message is promoted to a particular audience, or group of potential customers who belong to a particular culture or demographic.

If your audience/customers are of a specific ethnicity, then culturally targeted marketing takes an approach that considers the ethnic group's specific cultural references such as tradition, language, religion, social behaviours. This allows us to reach, communicate, and engage the customer in a meaningful way.

Cultural marketing can also be used to effectively target a ‘community of interest’ for example, the culture in one city or town may be different to another, and your marketing strategy will need to acknowledge this, or you may want to engage a youth market, and need to understand the type of language and messaging that will engage this target audience.

Why use cultural marketing?

Everyone has cultural boundaries, and our thinking and decision-making skills are affected by our cultural values and beliefs.

Specialist targeted marketing considers cultural values and standards in their advertising content to ensure that customers can relate to the messaging, the characters and the ‘mood’ and feel a connection towards the message or brand. It has a positive influence on marketing as it creates meaningful engagement and captures audience interest in a shorter time.

To design a cultural marketing campaign, we pay attention to what is important to that cultural group or community. We carefully observe the culture around the target audience to anticipate what content, messaging and visual assets will appeal to them. We also identify cultural shifts to understand the needs of the target market

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