UK lockdown life shows general negative impacts, but what about you?

Recent preliminary findings of a UK report which analysed typical British lockdown lifestyles have found out that people have been binge eating, drinking more, exercising less and suffering increased anxiety, with knock-on impacts likely on rates of obesity and mental illness.

An online survey of around 800 adults in England who were asked about their health and habits during late June and early July found a stark rise in negative mental health, coupled with unhealthy eating and drinking, poor sleep and less exercise.

Specifically, the analysis carried out found out that younger adults appeared to be disproportionately suffering from sadness and anxiety, while 46% of survey participants claimed that they had been less active during the lockdown.

A customer sits next to freshly poured pints of beer from the Forest Road Brewing Co pub on wheels vehicle during its delivery round in Hackney, as the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) spread continues in London, Britain. Image credit REUTERS/Hannah McKay

Many also reported binge eating or said they were eating more unhealthy, processed snacks and drinking more alcohol.

The survey comes right after Prime Minister Boris Johnson launches a campaign to urge Britons to get fitter and slimmer and bring down rates obesity that are also a risk factor for COVID-19 deaths.

Stanley Ulijaszek, a professor of human ecology and director of Oxford University’s Unit of Biocultural Variation and Obesity, who co-led the study which triggered new anti-obesity legislation in the UK said: “COVID-19 lockdown has resulted in increased levels of anxiety, poor sleep, persistent sadness, binge eating, suicidal thoughts, snacking, consumption of alcohol and reduced levels of physical activity.

“These changes have potential long-term consequences for obesity rates and chronic disease more broadly.”

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But what about you? Has your lifestyle been badly affected by the COVID-19 lockdown? Did you experience any of the above negative impacts? Share and tell us your experience in coping with the lockdown measures.

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