Disgusting dismissal of black police officer reflects ongoing institutional racism

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

The Metropolitan Black Police Association (MetBPA) call institutional racism after Superintendent Robyn Williams dismissed, ending 36 year exemplery career.

Pictured: Superintendent Robyn Williams (Credit: Birmingham Live)

Superintendent Robyn Williams was dismissed without notice. At her recent hearing the MPS missed the opportunity to change their script, which demonstrated their commitment to eliminating institutional racism.

An outrageous decision, but unfortunately, not a surprise making Robyn just another statistic of disproportionality experienced by officers and staff of African, Caribbean and Asian descent (ACA). Outrageous, as 36 years of an exemplary and distinguished career were over in just a few hours.

The Chair, Assistant Commissioner Helen Ball acknowledged that 16 other people had played the video and had it in their possession longer then Robyn but did not face prosecution and were subject of a different application of discretion.

There are guidelines that allow for discretion however, Robyn was not afforded this privilege from start to finish of the process.

It was accepted that this was an unusual and unique case. Yet despite the unprecedented and overwhelming expressions of support from colleagues, communities of London and beyond, calling for Robyn to continue to serve London, their voices were ignored.

In closing, Assistant Commissioner Ball claimed that there was no racial bias involved in this process. The MetBPA remain in their belief that the MPS continues to be institutionally racist.

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