COVID-19: 8,418 Jamaicans overseas approved to return home

8,418 approvals have been granted to Jamaicans overseas who have applied on the JamCOVID system for permission to return home under the controlled re-entry programme.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness said during a virtual press conference held at the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) on Friday.

Picture credit: Loop Jamaica

“These persons are now free to make their bookings on any available flight,”

However, he said there are 1,355 applicants for which the health and immigration authorities are awaiting responses for their home quarantine assessment questions.

“We have sent out multiple emails reminding and asking for this information, and I am making a special appeal to these persons to provide it as soon as possible. We are not able to process your application without this information,” the prime minister said.

In the meantime, Holness is urging Jamaican nationals and non-nationals, who are returning, to respond truthfully to the questions that are asked of them on the JamCOVID website, and to refrain from travelling if they are sick.

“The positive rate of incoming persons is one of the most important factors which is taken into consideration in our risk-based management approach to COVID-19,” he stated.

He added that “anyone entering the island must observe faithfully and consistently, all the measures in place. This will help our numbers to remain below the threshold for tightening up.”

Source: Caribbean News

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