• Kia Fullerton

At least 23 nationalities among NHS staff killed by COVID-19

Deaths of health and social care workers from covid-19 shows a significant over-representation of BAME individuals, says an analysis by the Health Service Journal.

An updated analysis revealed among all reported deaths, 95% of those were staff working in patient-facing roles, 47% being female and 53% being male.

Within England, 48% of deaths were from London and the South East, 16% from the North West and 9% from the West Midlands. In relation to regional deaths, findings show 82% of people worked in the NHS, 15% in social care sector and 1% in dental practice.

Ethnicity was accounted for 98% of cases, as 125 individuals were from a BAME population.

The Philippines being the most common country of birth for BAME individuals working in health and social care, thirty-six people died from Covid-19 nineteen of whom were nurses.

Zimbabwe was ranked second highest as a total of ten nurses died, followed by India as nine of whom lost their lives due to coronavirus.

Nurses and healthcare assistants made up the largest number of deaths from Covid-19. The analysis revealed 32% were nurses and midwives, 23% health support workers, 16% doctors and dentists, 12% allied health professionals and 2% ambulance and transport staff.

All in all, Health Service Journal continue to show the crucial over-representation of BAME individuals. Filipino staff remaining prominent amongst reported deaths, accounting for as many more deaths than other nationalities.

Source: Health Service Journal

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