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A Black Crown Prosecution Service you need to know about

If you have not heard of the National Black Crown Prosecution Association (NBCPA), then it is about time you have.

NBCPA, a staff network of the Crown Prosecution Service established in 2001, has championed race, equality, and diversity within the criminal justice system for over 18 years.

Their aim is to promote equality and diversity within the CPS and wider criminal justice system. NBCPA has maintained a track record of support and development of its membership, providing a training programme which aims to promote excellence and assist the CPS to realise the vision of creating a ‘world class’ prosecuting authority.

NBCPA addressed the term 'black' in their name, is to emphasise the shared racial experiences of African, African-Caribbean, Asian, mixed, and other minority groups. They also outlined that they encourage anyone to join their team, regardless of background. 

On their website, NBCPA mentioned they have diversity and inclusion discussions within their

senior management team, to bring important issues to the forefront. On top of that, NBCPA have hosted many events, including their first-ever CPS Windrush celebration, to their ‘Be Inspired’ series where inspirational leaders share their experiences.

NBCPA is run entirely by volunteers and many members have shared their positive experience with this CPS firm. For instance, they have been commended for their ‘strong voice for diversity and inclusion’ and vital role in ‘supporting ethnic minority staff to reach their full potential’.

NBCPA welcomes anyone who wants to contribute in their projects, from training and work experience to mentoring sessions. They have expressed they will assist newcomers to deliver training, review CPS strategy, organise community outreach events, and more.

Source: National Black Crown Prosecution Association

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