• Sofia Eugeniou

70% of the UK want to see more nature, finds YouGov survey

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Access to green spaces has profoundly positive impacts on our mental and physical health.

With our appreciation of nature soaring under lockdown, the benefits of green space and public parks on our well-being have become ever-more apparent.

Imagre credit: Stocksy United

A YouGov poll commissioned by the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) and the Homeowners Alliance has found that nearly three-quarters of the population wants the UK's green spaces enhanced with more plants and wildlife.

Brits are interested in seeing more trees, shrubs, hedges, plants and flowers as well are more wild - and less manicured - green space.

An increased presence of wildlife such as birds, butterflies and bees are also what the UK population pines for.

Taking note of the survey's findings, chief executive of the CPRE, Crispin Truman, stated: "Access to quality local green spaces has hurtled up the agenda as a political issue and for good reason".

With not everyone having access to important green spaces, and with a need to both increase the quantity and quality of our green and public spaces in order to attract humans and provide ecosystems for wildlife, the issue is certainly one for governments to focus on.

Summing the issue, Truman argued that "if the government is serious about learning the lessons of the pandemic, it must use the upcoming planning reforms to protect these precious spaces and recognise their value as a health service, as we do".

The environment and our green spaces should no longer be an afterthought but at the forefront of our plans to recover from COVID-19.

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